Center of Excellence in Remote Sensing and GIS

(ISTF Geo-Solutions)

ISTF is happy to start a research project on Remote Sensing and GIS services. We have team with  more than 15 years of experience in delivering Remote Sensing and GIS solutions.

Flexible Solutions for Yours need in Remote Sensing & GIS

Remote Sensing- Digital Image processing Image Analysis

GIS - Cadastral Mapping, Watershed Management, Urban & Regional Planning, Natural resource Management, Disaster Management, Network Analysis, LU/LC Mapping, Environmental Modeling.



Ø  A GIS based study of the changes in the morphology of the Subansiri River in Assam, India brought about by the Lower Subansiri Mega Dam Project

Ø  GPS aided GIS mapping of witch hunting cases in Upper Assam districts

Ø  GPS aided GIS mapping of each household living in the active flood plain of the river Brahmaputra on the northern part of Dibrugarh town

Ø  Sustainable Power generation

Ø  Promoting Climate Resilient Majuli

Ø  A study on Quaternary geology and role of Neotectonics along with drill core sampling for an integrated study of the alluvial plain between the Noa Dihing and Burhi Dihing Rivers in the Brahmaputra Valley, Assam

Ø  Disaster management system with reference to flood in Disai River Basin, Jorhat, Assam.

Ø  Chunati Wildlife Sanctuary Project and USAID-WinRock projects on Sudarban Ecosystem Services based on remote sensing and GIS.


Ø  Study on Char & Islands of the Coastal Area of Bangladesh


Ø  RGGVY-II (XI Plan) Project (Rural Electrification Work under SMP Siliguri of West Bengal under the scheme of RGGVY-II (XI Plan)


Ø  IGVTDC PROJECT (Integrated GIS based Vehicle Tracking Traffic Management, Distress Call Response Management & Critical Public Place Surveillance System) for Kolkata Police 150 Years Celebration;