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INDIAN SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY FOUNDATION (A National Scientific Organization under Trust Registration Act No. II of 1882 ,
Government. of India)

National Head Quarter : C-Block, C-1/31, Yamuna Vihar, New Delhi-110053      Proposed Laboratory: GBP, Technology Complex, Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati
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H1N1 Research:

Research Council of Indian Science and Technology foundation has initiative research on H1N1 research. The H1N1 virus is the causative agent of the recent outbreak of Swine flu pandemic. Neuraminidase is an enzyme that cleave glycosidic linkage of neuraminic acid on viral cell surface and is known to occur as antigen determinant to evoke immune response in host cell. It plays an important role in life cycle of influenza virus. Inhibitors of neuraminidase are, therefore, believed to have a potential in development of new drugs against swine flu. Using a recently published model structure of neuraminidase, we have carried out virtual screening of 70 compounds obtained from Ligand databases. The ligands library also included 57 natural plant metabolites from medicinal plants. The virtual screening was performed via PatchDock & GemDock softwares. Two of the plant metabolites, Hesperidin & Narirutin showed significantly higher docking score than the currently marketed anti-influenza drug Oseltamivir (Tamiflu). Know more..

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